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Drs. Natalie and Philip Cordova have helped thousands of patients over the past 25 years end their chronic neck and back pain -- and they can help you too! Pick up your copy of Better Posture Fast today!

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What Will You Learn In This Book?

End Your Chronic Neck & Back Pain

Find out how your daily activities and habits are causing your neck and back pain and why it won't go away until you address your bad posture.

Learn The Best Way To Sleep & Sit

These are the top questions we get from patients. We cover how to sit, sleep, use your computer, and which mattress you should buy to help your posture.

Find Out The Best Braces & Gadgets

Are any posture devices or braces helpful? Which ones are worth spending money on? We'll show you our favorites and let you know which ones to stay avoid.

How Can You Get Better Posture Fast?

Let us help you improve your bad posture in the shortest amount of time possible. Stop wasting your time on strategies that don't work! You can have Better Posture Fast.

About The Authors

Drs. Philip and Natalie Cordova met at Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas and got married the day after they graduated in December 1996. After initially practicing in Phoenix, Arizona, they moved to Houston, Texas in 2000.

While raising 3 sons and building their chiropractic practice, Dr. Natalie Cordova created a posture exercise DVD called Posture Confidence. Promoting this exercise program became a passion for Dr. Philip Cordova, who created a website and started selling this DVD all over the world. Later, they co-wrote a book with the same title.

They currently have 2 offices in Houston, Texas and love sharing tips and exercises on improving posture with their patients. After creating hundreds of videos and blog posts, they decided it was time to put all of the information together in one place to help people achieve Better Posture Fast.

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