Step 3

Step 3 is all about mobility. This will help you get movement in your spine, break up adhesions, and get areas that just don't seem to stretch well to relax. This may be uncomfortable at first, so take it easy. It's better to do a little each day than to go crazy on one day and be sore for a long time. 

Tips on how to use a foam roller to improve mobility. Video uses a basic foam roller, but other options are listed below.

Tips on how to use a lacrosse ball for mobility. Remember not to roll around it, just use it to apply pressure to small areas.

Tips on how to use a "peanut" to work on spinal mobility. You can buy a peanut or tape 2 lacrosse balls together. 

Tips on the Hypervolt and how to use it. Other options are available, but we like this one the best. 

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