Neck Exercises

DISCLAIMER: Do not continue to do any exercises if you feel pain, dizziness, or if your condition becomes worse. Please report any issues to your chiropractor medical doctor before continuing.

Anterior Neck Stretch

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Stretch the front of your neck, look up and over your shoulder – hold for 10 seconds and then repeat on each side at least 2 times.

Side Neck Stretch

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Bring ear to shoulder – hold for 10 seconds on each side. Repeat 2 – 3 times per session.

Trapezius and Neck Release

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Bring the arm that is on the same side you'll be stretching behind your back. This will increase the intensity of the stretch.

Hold it in place taking deep breaths. Hold for 30 seconds and then switch to the other side.

Neck Stretch Using Shoulder Rotation

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Bend your elbows at 90 degrees and then pull your arms back, concentrating on bringing your shoulder blades together. Open up your chest (and optionally, lean your head back to open up more of your neck).

Hold and stretch back, taking a deep breath. Repeat 10 times.

Neck Exercises Using a Ball

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You want to strengthen the neck in all directions, so plan on doing front, back, and both sides. The ball is there to give you something to push into, and to provide a little resistance.

Start with ball behind you, pushing in isometrically and relax. Repeat 10 times. Then move into flexion and extension. Repeat 10 times. Look left and right while pushing your head into the ball. Repeat 10 times. Last, do a "W" motion, repeat 3 times.

Move to the side of your neck. Pushing into the ball, then looking front and back, then looking into and away from the wall. Repeat 10 times each movement.

Move to the front of your neck. Repeat the same motions and when the ball was in the back. Contract, then flexion/extension, then looking left/right and ending with the "W."

Move to the other side of your neck and do the same movements as done for the previous side.

Last, work on your cervical curve with the ball at the back of your neck and contract and stretch the front of your body. Repeat 10 times.

Neck Extensions

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Start face down on your bed or the floor. You’ll be using the weight of your head to strengthen the back of your neck.

Put your face down and raise only your head as far back as you can comfortably go. Repeat 10 times for 3 sets.

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